Introducing TISH: Texas Institute for Smart Health

Established to Meet the Challenge!

We are facing an extraordinary moment in healthcare today. We have a healthcare crisis that coexists with a growing number of informed consumers, advances in mobile technology, and big data that bring new promise. The brain trust located in Houston, Texas has created an organization that can foster the innovations required to address the US healthcare crisis- high costs, inadequate outcomes, and a shortage of trained healthcare professionals. Today innovation has become a survival skill for healthcare institutions of all types. TISH ‘s solution is built on the science of innovation and designed to share solutions and disseminate successes through:

  • Focus on innovation that creates value by meeting important needs
  • Passionate leadership to champion innovation
  • Both thinking and doing that create successes and accelerate learning
  • Disciplined methodology that enhances value definition, creativity, and repeatability

What is TISH?

TISH is a non-profit institute founded to coordinate health care innovation between the many Houston-based healthcare organizations in that city. The world class research and delivery institutions of Houston understand that the key to success in controlling healthcare spending may not come from new advances in science, but rather from innovations in areas like preventive medicine, alternative medicine, payment reform, care team simplification, healthy living, new processes and procedures, better diet, and deeper consumer involvement. 

Houston is unique - with the largest medical campus in the world and hundreds of unaffiliated organizations that cover nearly all aspects of care delivery. This proximity creates a unique opportunity for the members of the healthcare community to provide a model for the world for cross-facility collaboration, and effective coordination of care. The Houston healthcare community is the perfect lab for working on coordinated systems, coordinated treatment strategy and sharing information technology resources – across a myriad of unaffiliated entities' system and processes.

The mission of the organization is to harness the concentrated energy of healthcare, using Houston as a platform to create innovations that reduce costs, improve business value, and drive simplified, yet coordinated models through collaboration and experimentation across the healthcare community, in collaboration with innovators from the public and private sector institutions across the country.

TISH is effectively organized to enable open academic collaboration and experimentation, as well as commercial projects that combine to create a self-sufficient  and self-sustaining organization in the face of dwindling federal support for research and innovation projects. 



Talk to Us ...

TISH is currently in discussions with organizations interested in collaborating on initial projects for the Institute. Contact Dr. Brett Trusko, Executive Director, TISH.