Threads of Innovation 2013


Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at 9:00 AM to Thursday, January 24, 2012 at 4:00 PM (CT) Houston, TX


Welcome to the First Annual Innovation Conference @ Texas Institute for Smart Health (TISH)


Threads of Innovation: 2013 will focus on three transformational challenges in healthcare today with insights, discussions, case studies, and predictions:

  • What is the future for the hospital of today?
  • How do we harness the power and control the impact of "big data" on health and well being as we know it now?
  • How does the care team transform for patient centered care, and function from the consumer, provider, and payer view?

Our agenda will include insights and research from academic centers and innovators, case studies, and report on collaborations with stakeholders and vendors who are transforming health care. 

The Future of the Hospital: Hospitals today face key challenges in controlling costs and managing patients across transitions of care. At the same time they face the longer term demands to push care away from centralized spaces into the communities, promote community health, and integrate digital and long term care to create a "virtual" hospital. 

TISH has partnered with Institute of the Future to explore and identify emerging opportunities to create resilient hospitals that can effectively respond to the coming decade of change.

"Big Data": Over the past two decades, the advent of the internet has created a generation of information seekers that connect with billions of others around the workld to access and share information. In the next decade, the "internet of things" like biosensors and telemedicine devices will create an explosion of information with enormous potential for transformation of health and well-being. But having more information will also bring about challenges to existing processes, metrics, health roles, and behaviors. Our conference will focus on understanding the opportunities, the new technologies that will drive the opportunities, and begin to develop the research agendas that will guide the transformation. 

The Evolving Care Team: Silos between hospital, ambulatory, and long term care services have long existed, but are increasingly being broken down with the advent of information interoperability. But the integration of care processes and the development of successful business models continue to lag. Collaborative vendor/provider projects, lessons learned, best practices, and lessons learned will be shared during Threads of Innovation: 2013.